Today's consumer is a collector. What he or she craves isn’t “stuff”, it’s a story. Through images, narrative and thoughtful design, we transform exceptional brands into objects of desire.

The Italian term cognoscenti refers, in short, to "those who know" — trusted advisors whose opinions are founded on solid experience. Our boutique branding agency is built on 10+ years of professional experience in the fields of design, content marketing and creative strategy.

After independently pursuing careers in the worlds of food, lifestyle and hospitality, Cognoscenti Creative was founded in 2015 by sisters Lauren and Carly DeFilippo. Building on our respective skill sets in graphic design / photography and writing / brand strategy, our vision is to provide the high-quality services of an established creative agency on a scale accessible to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Over the past four years, our client list has grown to include both industry leaders and scrappy startups, from iconic brands like KitchenAid and Condé Nast to small business owners across the lifestyle sector.